About The Class

In addition to gaining expertise with an instrument, a fully developed musician will explore dimensions of music beyond virtuosity alone. Musicianship class will help students begin that journey. Often, in the teaching studio, ideas surface which are unfamiliar and may make progress in learning repertoire more challenging than it might otherwise be. The class is a way to amplify students' understanding of the nuts and bolts of music.

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The class is conducted in a seminar setting. Basic concepts will emerge through listening and discussion. While assuming no prior knowledge, sessions will build on the fundamentals acquired from instrumental study.

Course topics will fall roughly into three categories:

1. Music Theory: the grammar of music, including intervals, notation, clefs, scales, harmony, melody, etc.

2. Ear Training: aural recognition of the building blocks of music through melodic, harmonic and rhythmic exercises.

3. Guided Listening: these group listening projects will ask the question: “What is great musicianship?”. By studying recordings of great performers (especially string players, singers, and pianists), we will discuss the elements of performance and try to understand the musical and emotional dimensions they evoke.

The goal of the course is musical self-improvement; all work will take place in an atmosphere of group discussion and mutual support.

Schedule And Fees

Musicianship class will meet for one-hour sessions on Wednesdays at 6:30pm.

The class will meet twelve times each semester. Consistent attendance is encouraged, and absences cannot be made up.

The cost per semester is $420.

The class will meet at the G&B Cultural Center, 49 New St, Wilton, CT.

The instructor is Adam Grabois.