Description And Policies

There are two semesters in the school year. The first semester consists of fifteen weeks beginning in September and ending in January; the second semester consists of fifteen weeks beginning in February and ending in May/June. Teachers may schedule a recital at the end of each semester.

Students enrolling after the start of a semester are offered a pro-rated lesson set. Adult students who cannot commit to weekly lessons can be accommodated. Please call the office to make special arrangements.

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Lessons are 30-, 45-, or 60-minutes long. 30-minute lessons are appropriate for younger students; advancing students will be encouraged to take longer lessons, subject to their teacher's evaluation of progress. Students should expect to spend at least as much time practicing each day.

The Weston Music Center offers flexible lesson scheduling. Lessons can be scheduled each week at a mutually convenient time for student and teacher. As the majority of students take advantage of this option, students are asked to provide a range of available times to facilitate lesson planning each week.

Students must have their own instruments. The Weston Music Center does not sell or rent instruments. 


Lesson fees for each semester are:

  • 30-minute lessons @ $52 per lesson. Total for 15 30-minute lessons is $780.

  • 45-minute lessons @ $75 per lesson. Total for 15 45-minute lessons is $1,125.

  • 60-minute lessons @ $100 per lesson. Total for 15 60-minute lessons is $1,500.

Any music purchased by the school for the student will be charged separately.

If a teacher schedules recitals, there is a fee of $75 per semester.

Payment is due in full with registration unless other arrangements are made. There is a 10% discount for enrolling multiple family members.

No refunds will be given for withdrawal during the semester or missed lessons. Makeup lessons for two absences a semester will be arranged, when possible, in a manner determined by the teacher. If an absence is necessary, please give at least 24 hours notice to the teacher. In case of sudden illness, every effort is made to accommodate a makeup. If a faculty member is absent, or in cases of severe weather, lessons will be rescheduled.

Payment is by personal or bank check only. Due to the high cost of processing, the Weston Music Center cannot accept credit cards, eChecks, PayPal, or any other form of electronic payment. We appreciate your understanding.


New Students: Please contact us to arrange for a 30-minute meeting with a teacher before registering.

Returning Students: A completed registration form is required at the start of the fall semester.